Storage molecules from tree nuts, seeds and legumes: relationships and amino acid identity among homologue molecules

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1 UOSD Allergy and Immunology, IDI-IRCCS, Rome, Italy
2 Immunology and Allergy Unit, Santa Maria degli Angeli Hospital, Pordenone, Italy
3 Ambulatorio di Allergologia, Clinica San Carlo, Paderno Dugnano, Milan, Italy


Published online: 1 February 2018
Accepted: 11 January 2018
Received: 21 December 2017


The families of seed storage proteins, together with profilins, oil-bodies-associated oleosins, and pathogenesis-related (PR) proteins like PR-10 (Bet v 1-like), PR-12 (defensins) and PR-14 (non-specific lipid transfer protein), are the main causes of IgE sensitization to tree nuts, legumes and seeds. All these allergens, with the exclusion of profilins and of PR-10, are heat-stable and possibly responsible for fatal or almost fatal adverse reactions to such foods. In this short review, we will discuss the relationship and amino acid identities among some of the seed storage homologue molecules identified to date from tree nuts, seeds and legumes.

2s albumins; cupins; vicilins; legumins; nsLTP; PR-10; defensins; oleosins; seed storage proteins

Table of Content: Vol. 50 (No. 4) 2018 July

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