AAIITO, Associazione Allergologi Immunologi Italiani Territoriali e Ospedalieri (Association of Italian Hospital Allergists and Immunologists) is a Scientific Society founded to address the progressive decline of the Allergy and Clinical Immunology specialty and the excessive overlap with other specialist fields in managing most allergy problems.

Despite numerous strengths of the discipline there is a lack of widespread healthcare facilities across the national territory to provide an effective and coherent response to an exponentially growing demand, almost epidemic in nature.

Over the past 10 years, Italy’s healthcare organization has moved towards cost containment, the development of new organizational models, accreditation, and verification of efficiency and effectiveness standards, and the need for accountability.

This new situation has made imperative to improve work organization, care quality, clinical appropriateness, and resource management. A new institutional interlocutor, AAIITO, is necessary to address the evident decline and lack of protection of the Specialty, providing the necessary framework for a new professional role for allergist and clinical immunologist specialists, protecting their training, and offering correct quality and appropriateness indicators for the services provided.

It is increasingly necessary today to entrust the management of allergy activities to specialists who are responsible for coordinating the diagnostic and therapeutic activities performed by other professionals to rationalize care pathways and provide a unified and quality response to specific health needs.

Our Members are committed to:

  • Identifying specific care pathways starting from their transversal role rooted in the peculiarities of etiopathogenetic mechanisms.
  • Defining specific diagnostic and therapeutic processes through guidelines.
  • Building regional networks among service providers.
  • Claiming a role not only professionally but also socially and managerially, developing greater interest in environmental health and social medicine aspects.
  • Accrediting for clinical efficacy and cost savings.
  • Positioning themselves as appropriate referents for primary care and other specialists for allergic diseases, promoting a global approach to the patient.

The development of Allergy and Clinical Immunology requires an alliance with primary care physicians and patients to ensure clinical and organizational appropriateness. In short, we want to act as protagonists in a new professional context for the survival and development of our discipline.

Visit https://www.aaiito.it/ for further information (please, take into consideration that the webiste is in Italian language).

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