Anaphylaxis to hidden potato allergens in a peach and egg allergic boy


More than 170 foods have been identified as being potentially allergenic. However, a minority of these foods cause the majority of reactions. Sweets are frequently implicated in allergic reactions in children with cow’s milk, egg, nuts or fruits allergy, and they are the most relevant foods investigated as responsible allergens.
We report an anaphylactic reaction to candies in an egg and peach allergic boy. We performed a study to identify responsible allergens for the reaction. We investigated hidden egg and peach allergens in the candies, but they were not found. Finally, the causative allergen resulted to be a vegetable protein from potato peel. We diagnosed a new allergy in our patient and Sol t 4 was identified as the responsible allergen of the anaphylactic reaction. We conclude that responsible allergens should always be studied and identified in whatever allergic reaction in order to prevent new reactions.

Table of Content: Vol. 49 (No. 1) 2017 January

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