Wheat grain allergies: an update on wheat allergens


Wheat grain is a major staple of our diet. However, proteins derived from wheat grain have been implicated in both respiratory and food allergies, as well as in contact hypersensitivity. Numerous wheat allergens are present in the different fractions of wheat grain: a-amylase/trypsin inhibitor and lipid transfer protein are found in the water/salt soluble fraction, and w5-gliadins and LMW-glutenins have been detected in the gluten fraction. This review discusses what is currently known about wheat grain proteins and allergens. The type of IgE-binding profiles (allergens or even epitopes) in patients with wheat food allergy as a function of age, symptoms, or genetic variability of wheat cultivars provides interesting and useful data for developing hypoallergenic foods as well as new tools for diagnostic and therapeutic methods.

Table of Content: Vol. 40 (No. 3) 2008 November

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