Pediatric eosinophilic esophagitis in Portugal


Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) is an increasingly frequent diagnosis in our clinical practice, mainly in pediatric age. Allergic responses to food and aeroallergens have been increasingly implicated in the etiology of this disease. We describe a retrospective data analysis of pediatric EoE patients followed in our Immunoallergology Department.
Of the 25 children (22 male, average 10.8 years), 88% had prior history of rhinoconjunctivitis, 76% asthma, 48% eczema and 36% food allergy. After evaluation, we identified in 76% and 92% of patients food and aeroallergen sensitization, respectively; 68% had simultaneously food and inhalant sensitization and 96% had at least one positive test to aeroallergens or food allergens. The first (44%) and the most frequent (56%) symptom was dysphagia. The time between symptoms onset and the EoE diagnosis averaged 18.6 ± 29.4 months. A multidisciplinary approach is needed for a correct evaluation, intervention and follow-up of these patients.

Table of Content: Vol. 49 (No. 2) 2017 March

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