Vitulia questionnaire: a new instrument to evaluate quality of life in children aged 4-7 years with food allergy

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1Department of Human Pathology in Adult and Developmental Age "Gaetano Barresi", Pediatric Unit, University of Messina, Messina, Italy
2Institute of Translational Pharmacology, National Research Council of Italy, Palermo, Italy


Published: 11 January 2024
Accepted: 11 Janauary 2024
Received: 01 September 2023



Background. Food allergy (FA) negatively affects health-related quality of life (HR-QoL) of children and caregivers. To date, no questionnaire self-compiling assessing the HR-QoL in pre-school children with FA is available. The aim of this study is to develop and validate a self-adminis­tered, rapid and easy questionnaire to evaluate the HR-QoL in children ≥ 7 years with IgE-mediated FA. Methods. A two-center prospective study was conducted including children aged 4-7 years with IgE-mediated FA. The Vitulia questionnaire was administered to study participants at the baseline (T0) and after one month (T1). To assess the feasibility and re­liability, the Vitulia questionnaire was compared with other two pre-ex­isting questionnaires: FAQLQ-PF and the KiddyKindl, which were also tested at both T0 and T1. The validation phase aimed to assess the follow­ing psychometric properties: convergent validity, internal consistency, dis­criminant validity and sensitivity to change. Results. One hundred pa­tients (62% male, mean age 5.4 ± 1.2 years) were enrolled. The Vitulia questionnaire showed a good internal consistency along with an excellent reliability and repeatability of the measure. Another noteworthy feature of the questionnaire was its discriminant validity as demonstrated by the ability to provide different scores in subgroups, which have differences in terms of quality of life. On the other hand, the questionnaire seems not be sensitive to changes in health status over time. Conclusions. The Vitulia questionnaire represents a valid tool, quick and easy to interpret, which can be used to assess the quality of life in preschool children with IgE-mediated FA.


Food allergy; health-related quality of life; questionnaire; children.

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