Ultrafast regimen for Pru p3 sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT-Peach) in patients with anaphylactic LTP-Syndrome

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Medical Center La Fama-Allergy, Murcia, Spain


Published: 14 February 2023
Accepted: 01 February 2023
Received: 22 December 2022


Sublingual immunotherapy with Pru p3 extract (SLIT-peach®) is used in allergy patients to multiple plant foods to induce tolerance to nonspecific lipid transfer proteins (nsLTP). The aim of this paper is to communicate the efficacy of a new ultrafast regimen. Until now on the initiation regimen lasts four days. We present a number of 22 patients with LTP-syndrome due to ingestion of different vegetable foods sensitized to Pru p3. According to European Academy of Allergy position paper (1) food immunotherapy is indicated when avoidance measures are ineffective, undesirable, or cause serious limitations on patients quality of life. Our patients had an im­pact on their quality of life (score > 130) before SLIT measured with (2) EuroPrevall Food Allergy Quality of Life Questionnaire (FAQLQ). The ultrafast regimen in one day is achieved in the 95% of our patients. Mild adverse reactions were observed, such as oral pruritus presence in almost all patients. Only one patient (5%) achieved the maintenance dose in two days due to intense oral pruritus. No patients presented systemic reactions. The maintenance dose achieved consists of 4 drops (0.16 ml) from vial number 4 daily. The concentration of Pru p3 in vial number 4 is 50 μg/ ml. Four drops a day equals 8 micrograms of Pru p3. This new ultrafast regimen in one day is secure in patients with LTP-Syndrome to induce tolerance to SLIT-peach® (Pru p3 extract).

LTP; SLIT-peach (R); sublingual immunotherapy; LTP-syndrome; ultrafast regimen; pru p3; food allergy.

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